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The 1877 Estrela Palace has 9 rooms and suites

Stunning and exclusive views towards the Ria de Aveiro and one of the city’s most centrally-located streets.

Based on the concept of a luxury boutique hotel, the 1877 Estrela Palace offers its guests a cosy atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation, complete with every refinement and elegance. Its suites and rooms exude luxury and refinement, and are equipped with everything needed for a memorable stay.
Princess Santa Joana 0

Princess Santa Joana

Master Suite

S. Gonçalinho

Master Suite
João Evangelista de Lima Vidal 0

João Evangelista de Lima Vidal

Superior Suite with Balcony
Homem Cristo 0

Homem Cristo

Junior Suite Ria View

S. Lourenço Peixinho

Junior Suite Ria View
Marenoto 0


Junior Suite Ria View
José Estêvão 0

José Estêvão

Junior Suite
Salineiras 0


Charming Room