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Junior Suite Ria View

Comfortable, refined and luxurious, the Homem Cristo Suite is distinguished by its dazzling views over the historical Ria de Aveiro.   The luxurious and elegant decor, with majestic and beautiful granite, is an ode to those who truly appreciate the refinement and elegance associated with comfort.

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Francisco Manuel Homem Cristo was born in Aveiro. He maintained a connection to the city throughout his life and he would eventually die there. He began his press career in Aveiro at the age of 17, publishing numerous articles in the periodical O Trinta, and later he established the weekly Povo de Aveiro, remaining its chief editor throughout its 50 years of existence.

At the same time, he dedicated himself to his military career where he was a Lieutenant in the Portuguese Army. He also adhered to republican ideology, which is why he was involved in the Revolt of January 31, 1891, although he did not support it because he considered it doomed to fail.

In 1894 he was promoted to Captain and decided to be a primary school teacher in his spare time, due to the high level of illiteracy that he noticed in the barracks where he was stationed. However, in 1909 he was forced to leave the army due to a controversy with Afonso Costa.

After his departure, he continued to lead a life full of achievements and contributions to society, in particular to the city of Aveiro, for which he was a fierce advocate. The artist Diogo Landô represents Francisco Manuel Homem Cristo as an elegant but imposing figure; a man of principles with a broad social and human outlook. Through collage, photography and digital painting techniques, the artist presents Homem Cristo immersed in the city of Aveiro and in the most remarkable events of his life.

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