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The Iconic 1877 Estrela Palace, in the heart of Aveiro

A magnificent Palace with unobstructed views towards the ‘very famous’ Ria de Aveiro

The 1877 Estrela Palace, with unobstructed views towards the ‘very famous’ Ria de Aveiro, is a unique building that dates back to the late 17th century. A magnificent Palace that once belonged to an important family of merchants from Aveiro with commercial connections to England, the ‘Barbosas’.  Over the years, renovations have been made to the building, but its original design has always been preserved.
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The Majestic 1877 0

The Majestic 1877 maintains its architectural features and preserves the art nouveau charm of the 19th century, for which reason Aveiro stands out as a member of the Art Nouveau Network.

Recently renovated, the technical project under the supervision of the architect Sónia Cruz has retained all the elements and fine, natural materials that have characterised it since the time Dona Ana Ponce de Leão lived there and, subsequently, Colonel Teixeira and the rest of the family.

The façade 0

The unparalleled charm of the 1877 Estrela Palace is on display in its exquisite tiled façade, transporting us to the Romanticism of the time when it was built

The imposing and inviting 1877 Estrela Palace, with its interior design directed by designer Lara Lucas from Spacitude, is a symbol of exuberance and luxury. From the design concept to the planning and development of all layouts, choice and design of marbles, custom furniture, lighting design, as well as the fabrics, wallpaper and fixtures, everything was meticulously thought out by the designer in order to provide a unique stay for those who visit us.

The history of Aveiro 0

In every corner, the history of Aveiro is celebrated and represented by exclusive works of art that showcase famous personalities from the city.

The imposing and inviting entrance preserves a fine example of Art Nouveau, magnified by the incomparable artwork of Pedro Guimarães, where the patron saint Princess Santa Joana is the highlight and the main concepts of the Noble city of Aveiro are in 3D. All the luxurious and exquisite rooms and suites are adorned with artwork created by the artist Diogo Landô, ennobling famous historical personalities from the city of Aveiro.

The iconic Wooden Staircase 0

While ascending the iconic wooden staircase surrounded by beautiful marbling, plaster figures can be viewed such as the illustrious Dragon, ending with the beautiful blue Cupula dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

This wonderful building has 9 luxurious rooms and suites, 5 of which are family rooms decorated with beautiful marble, period paintings and soft velvets. A unique project located in the heart of Aveiro, facing the Ria and the iconic José Estêvão Street, where the top-floor suite includes a jacuzzi on the terrace. The romantic Parisian-style room is filled with matching fine materials and precious stones, contrasting with the fabulous images and lighting of prestigious brands. The views from the stunning terrace are breath-taking; here you can look out over the Ria and the current icons of the city of Aveiro, the Moliceiros.