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Junior Suite Ria View

Comfortable, elegant and luxurious, the Marnoto Suite is distinguished by its unobstructed views over the historic Ria de Aveiro.  Its spacious areas, luxuriously decorated in beautiful granite, were designed specifically for maximum family comfort, since it is the only connecting room in the hotel.

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Marnoto is the man responsible for the extraction of artisanal salt by means of wooden implements. Young men started to master this art early and, as they gained experience, they became marnotos; only then were they able to explore a salt marinha on their own.

Similar to his work ‘A Salineira’, the artist Diogo Landô creates a bridge between the hardship of work and a dreamlike and nostalgic environment of a vanishing profession. The imposition of layers, collages and digital painting makes the photo truly stand out, allowing you to perceive the men’s work in the salt flats.

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