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Get to know Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal

"No one comes here without being seduced. It is a place for thinkers and poets"

The district of Aveiro captures the essence of a destination that we might expect to see in a travel guide, with its gondola-like Moliceiros, natural lagoons, elegant 19th-century architecture and cobblestone passageways – it is a special place where the ancient combines with the modern.

Museu de Aveiro / Santa Joana 0
Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana Distance: 450 metres / 7 minutes
Museu Arte Nova 0
Art Nouveau Museum Distance: 280 metres / 4 minutes
Oficina do Doce 0
Oficina do Doce Distance: 220 metres / 3 minutes
Canal Central de Aveiro 0
Aveiro Central Canal Distance: 100 metres / 1 minute
Sé de Aveiro 0
Aveiro Cathedral Distance: 500 metres / 7 minutes
Salinas de Aveiro 0
Aveiro Salt Flats Distance: 1,100 metres / 14 minutes